Microwave Drying System


Microwave Drying

Is based on the impact on the dewatered product of intense electromagnetic field of ultrahigh frequency (UHF).
The movement of molecules – this is thermal energy. The more water in a predetermined volume, the larger molecules are involved in this movement, the greater the heat energy is released. Thus, the heating occurs in the entire volume of product, the more humid areas receive greater energy. Due to this moisture is removed, drying the product, and simultaneously – alignment humidity screen product. And with a decrease in raw material moisture, the drying process of the product is not slowing down, as the mechanism of thermal conductivity does not play a key role here. Microwave drying of fish, meat, mushrooms, cereals, vegetables and fruit is characterized by small time and the relatively low temperature process, as applied to food leads to very high Retentive nutrients and vitamins.
Drying of fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, mushrooms, grains, cereals, microwave radiation is characterized by high speed and high efficiency. Microwave dryer for drying fruits, equipment for drying fruits and vegetables, drying of the product with the use of microwave energy to replace currently used in most drying equipment has been in operation heat transfer can greatly simplify the technological scheme of the drying of the product, excluding all processes and devices associated with the preparation of the coolant, as well as harmful emissions.
Nowadays food products, dried using microwave technology in the microwave equipment used in food production following:
• Manufacture of food concentrates for the first and second dishes, sauces and spices.
• Production of fast food.
• Production of baby food.
• Production of diet food.
• Food for athletes.
• Bakery.
• Milk production.
• Meat and sausage production.
• Confectionery manufacturing fillings, jams, preserves.
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
• Production of canned and preserved fish.
• Health-care, recreation, catering, nutrition in children’s and educational 
The use of dried natural ingredients produced by microwave drying method allows food manufacturers:
Enrich products, dried, vitamins, biologically active substances, macro and other useful substances.
Make the product taste, color and aroma of the natural product.
apply product off-season and during the absence of fresh vegetables. To ensure the production of high quality products, microbiologically clean.
Reduce the cost of storage and transportation of the product.
Significantly reduce the cooking time, energy and labor costs associated with the processing of raw vegetables, increase productivity when cooking in catering to 48 times.
Increase shelf life of 1 year without the use of additional means of chemical treatment.
Reduce production costs.

Microwave Technology

A major achievement in science and technology, product research decadal agricultural scientists and the military-industrial complex, which has no analogues in the world. With the help of microwave equipment can really solve actual problems of many industries – dried fish, meat, grains, fruits and vegetables, wood, brick and fleece, raw cotton, medicinal herbs, improve the quality of animal feed, to extract compounds from plant material, alternative toxic chemicals (pesticides, natural world). Microwave technology and created on the basis of its microwave equipment for drying fruits, vegetables drying equipment allows not only to dry the product, but also to receive food dyes, thawed fish, meat, vegetables, berries and other foods, to conduct best temperature canning and more.

March 16, 2018
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