Point Tracking System
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With Sabahtech apps
On Your Phone!
You can show, edit and modify records, set the operations and generate the reports in grid and graphical format, finally export to pdf or xls and then send to mail.
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Works With Social Media Providers
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Custom Settings

Customized applications meet your needs compatible for your business.

Clean Design

Representative design, customized and compatible for your business.

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Customer support 7 days 24 hours

RFID & NFC Projects

Enabled project’s analysis and development for your business.

Mobile App

WinCE, Windows Mobile,Trimble, Android and iPhone Representative design, fast and secure mobile…

Web App Design

Clean, professional bespoke website produced for clients all over the world.

Cleaning Service System

Cleaning Service System

Biocidal Drug Automation System

Biocidal Pest Control-Pesticide Integrated Pest Control Services, Pest Control Pest Control is an instantaneous …

Point Tracking System
Point (Asset, Item) Tracking System (PTS) tracks any type of points or assets for any…
Online RFID Parking System
Online Parking System controls vehicles entrances and exits to any parking area. Project helps you…
Checkin + +
    Checkin++ This wonderful program helping your company to get more customers without ADs and…
Automatic Wedding Dress Android

Wedding Dresses With Android app, you can wear your own models on your phone. To try the practice …

Microwave Drying System

Microwave Technology A major achievement in science and technology, product research decadal agricultural scientists and…

Personel Access Control

Sabah Security System (ASS) controls the personals or labors working in any company. This system…


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