Asset Tracking System – PTS

PTS is an asset tracking tool that provides transparency into the age-old question, “Where’s my stuff?”, RFID/NFC Point (Asset, Item) Tracking System (PTS) tracks any type of points or assets for any company. These points can be inside or outside buildings. PTS helps you to track, make inventory and schedule and make point maintenance. Controlling warehouse assets depending on its location inside buildings like room or shelf, or outside in wide area, tracking assets quantity and movements, and also controlling its inspections and maintenance. the outside points can be shown in map. all these steps can be done from web based and mobile application.

PTS supports RFID, NFC or Barcode labels. it was designed by professionals teams on different fields like construction, pest control, cleaning services, and hospital equipment services to provide hard and soft asset management functions like:

  • Tool and equipment tracking
  • Safety equipment and commodity tracking
  • Rental equipment return dates
  • Jobsite cost allocation
  • Consumable inventory tracking with reorder reminders
  • Service maintenance schedules
  • Employee trainings, certifications and renewal dates

Application Fields:

  • Asset Monitoring Systems
  • Asset Tracking Systems
  • Inventory Systems
  • Jewellery Tracking Systems
  • Hospital Equipment Tracking Systems
  • Library Tracking Systems
  • Maintenece Control Systems
  • Machine Control Systems
  • Construction Equipment Management Systems


Client: Superonline, Genç Grup Year: 2013, 2015
Type: Web & Mobile App
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March 15, 2018
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